About us

In recent times, the rapid change in social needs and advancement in technology continue to transform the human psyche, civil space and the work environment. Education systems have been found to be disconnected from the realities and the needs of the societies. It is imperative that everyone equips themselves with the latest skill sets in order to stay relevant and productive.

VITyarthi is the brainchild of Ms. Kadhambari S. Viswanathan, a renowned young edupreneur hailing from an illustrious family of educationists. VITyarthi aims to redefine the digital learning space by making high-quality futuristic education available to all at an affordable price. The platform is curated by the best minds and caters to the needs of students, educators, young adults, professionals, homemakers or just about anyone. It offers personalised remote learning opportunities with a plethora of demonstration and assessment tools that appreciate the individuality of the learner.

Whether you want to learn for a certificate or to upgrade your skill set or just for leisure you have arrived at the right destination. Begin your journey of joyful learning here at VITyarthi!